Advice for Hotel Motel owners and staff- Do better!

During my recent stay at a highly overpriced 2-3 star hotel, it occurred to me how they could drastically improve their ratings and reviews and that is to have the hotel motel owners & staff should stay in their rooms. They should actually stay three days in every room and detail the experience on what needs to be repaired, updated, added, cleaned, etc. There is an old adage that you should use your guest bathroom shower now and then to know what’s missing or inconvenient for your guest visitors. Well, I believe the same is true for hotel rooms. Why? Let’s see.

Coffee & Tea In The Room?

Not all hotels offer in-room mini coffee makers, but for those that do, it’s mighty annoying for a guest to discover only decaf or no tea after you publicize offering coffee and tea in the room. It’s even more annoying to find that key parts of the pot are missing!

Microwave Oven Good?

If your hotel or motel offers a microwave oven, how about making sure that it’s all there and that it’s working properly? It’s an appliance that many people actually seek out so they can heat water for medicine, baby formula, or to prepare a cup of oatmeal. When there’s no tray, or the buttons are unresponsive, the useless microwave becomes a paperweight.

Refrigerator Plugged In?

Having the ability to keep drinks, perishable foods, and medicines cold is more than a nice to have for many travelers. When you advertise a refrigerator in the room, at least have the courtesy to plug the darn thing in or let the visitor know they’ll need to plug it in when they get there.

Phones? They’re Just In The Way

Lose the phones. We all have mobile phones now. Your telephone just gets in the way, taking up valuable surface space. We don’t need it.

Clean The Freakin’ Floors or Carpet Please!

The test is: take your shoes off and walk around in your white socks, or if you’re really brave, walk around the room in your bare feet. Now, sit in a chair or on the bed and look at your feet. Whoa! Gross black yuk, right? Yeah, that does suck. Clean your floors, and while you’re at it be extra diligent in the bathroom.

Toilet Paper and Tissues?

This should go without saying, but come on, man! Leave an extra roll of Toilet Paper and check that there are some tissues in the bathroom, please.

Let There Be Light!

It seems to be common to walk into a hotel or motel room and start playing with switches to sort out which lights actually work when you flick the switch. The incandescent types frequently have no bulbs in them at all. WTH? We guests appreciate ample lighting that works.

Toilets That Work Properly

The lowly toilet has only a couple of jobs to perform, but man, oh man, are those jobs important. Please do whatever it takes to ensure they flush properly, and while you’re at it would you please tighten the toilet seat too? Thank you.


Like a working toilet and sink, there is an absolute expectation that a room has a working shower complete with hot water. There is also an expectation that it will be obvious to the visitor that the shower and mat and curtain or shower door are clean along with the soap dishes. We shouldn’t need an advanced degree to figure out the valves or drain either.


What is the deal with the race to the bottom on towels these days? I had nicer towels in Junior high gym class. My gosh, if you’re worried about theft, take a deposit or figure something out. People will notice nice towels, trust me. Two large plush towels with a couple hand towels and facecloths will score big time. Place mat-sized sandpaper towels are cruel and memorable for the wrong reasons.

Wall Switches Clean?

Too many times it’s obvious that the light switches could use a little bleach spray. Come to think of it that needs to be standard every single day wipe down all light switches and outlets, cabinet knobs, tv remotes, and door knobs. Killing those invisible germs and nastiness will be a bonus after restoring the pearly white color.

Stay In Your Rooms To Understand Why You Suck

This isn’t hard. If you own or manage a hotel or motel property, you should want stellar reviews and ratings. At the very least you will make more money, stay at capacity, and likely get a bunch of repeat business. People aren’t unreasonable in wanting what you advertise and that it is clean, properly stocked, and fully operational. If you want to stay on top of this stuff, you need not wait for that 1-star review to land, you can get proactive and stay in your own rooms for a few nights each and know what you need to do. There is simply no excuse for any hotel or motel accommodation to have bad reviews for reasons that you can absolutely control. Do better, and we will come. And you will own your competition hands down. I promise.

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