Power Assist driver seat for help in and out of the vehicle.

What’s a VEEA(tm)?

It’s my name for a feature to help people get in and out of their cars, trucks, and SUVs easily. It could as easily be called the knee-saver deluxe, or the unfold-a-matic. VEEA is an option far more useful than gullwing doors and automatic tailgates or power windows. VEEA stands for “Vehicle Entry & Exit Assist.” Versions of my idea are already available in the ADA aftermarket like the Turny Evo Swivel Car Seat (pictured). Prices start at about $10,000, from BraunAbility.

Automakers could do it much cheaper, and I’m convinced this optional feature would sell like hotcakes. The seat can be mounted on many diffferent vehicle brands, but minivans, SUVs, and Pickup trucks are easier and more practical for their dimensions.

Help People Get In and Out Of Their Vehicle!

Accessory Features and add-on options such as extra storage and folding tailgates with AC power are factory options on some modern pickups, vans, suvs, and cars. While I like the idea of task-designed vehicles, methinks the size of each target segment is small potatoes. The surfer, fishing, Soccer Mom, Boy Scout leader, vehicle markets are tiny compared with the older humans market. Auto makers should target a HUGE market with features actually needed and that the market needs. A way to easily get in and out of the vehicle. I give you Vehicle Entry & Exit Assist or VEEA(TM), a feature guaranteed to sell vehicles; lots of vehicles.

Who Would Buy It?

I say anyone who struggles with quickly getting into or out of their vehcle, for any reason, is a prime candidate. Yes, disabled and mobility challenged seniors come to mind, but there are lots of people with low cars and bad knees out there! If you build it they will come. I promise.

Which Seats Should Be VEEA(TM)?

Any seat in any vehicle could be designed with the option from the factory, or engineered to be dealer installed options complete with accessories such as heating, cooling, massaging motor controls and fully adjustable arm rests, head rests, and motorized positioning to fit multiple riders preferences. I’m taller, so my preference would be to have it swivel outward but probably not as far down as for a shorter framed person. Anyway, I would think a Driver and front passenger seat would be prime candidates for the VEEA seats. It would be a super option for Cars for Hire too!

custom driver seat for mobility assistance.
This is a beautiful aftermarket driver seat fitted to a full-size pickup truck. Automakers would do well to design these into options available on new vehicles. The mobility market extends way beyond the disabled.

Marketing Focus On AARP With VEEA(TM) Guaranteed To Sell

Automakers’ marketing efforts would do well to glop onto AARP members who would much rather have Vehicle Entry and Exit Assist – VEEA (TM) than a power tailgate or power door. A VEEA (TM) seat would at least as welcome as parallel parking assist as far as options go. While they’re at it, designers should perfect the voice command “take me to the nearest clean restroom NOW” for those longer road trips and sudden unplanned urges.  

Huge Aging Human Market – A Little Help?

How hard can it be to have a seat that swings out laterally, then extends vertically up or down as the door opens? The pivot and height need to be fully adjustable with memories for multiple driver preferences.

We shouldn’t need another mobile phone app to set it up. Just use simple buttons to activate when assist is desired. A deluxe model may allow voice commands as if talking to a friend with a standard non-electronic key in the ignition. Perhaps “just a smidge more” can be an actual voice command.

We Learned To Park 50+ Years Ago – It’s Our Knees That Could Use An Assist!

We know how to parallel park. So, keep the parking assist add-on feature. However, I’ll take a boost out of the vehicle sometimes if you don’t mind. Oh, and being able to nap while driving across Nebraska is good between restroom stops. But the priority is VEEA so we’ll keep that napping feature on the menu for later, thank you.

Not Interesting? You’re Just Not Old Enough Yet

If the idea of this vehicle option VEEA (TM) doesn’t sound appealing to you, just wait…your time is coming faster than you think. 😉

Good Day!


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