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Why Does My Air Conditioner Need Recharge?

In theory, a modern split system air conditioner should never need a recharge, unless it breaks. It’s supposed to be a closed system no different from your refrigerator. Most people never hear of a standard off-the-shelf refrigerator needing a recharge. Why is that? Well, let’s talk about your fridge for a moment to help me…

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YouTube, Facebook, Twitter manipulation – Is it real?

So, is YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter manipulation real? In techie circles (read nerds) it’s widely known and understood that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automated human impersonators (Bots) are active every single minute of every single day on Social media. Some posts are part of a scam to extract dollars out of your bank account fraudulently….



HEY, ALL YOU EXTREMISTS! YOU ALL SUCK! Every last one of you suck. You wreck everything. Extremists function with closed-mindedness that does nothing but preserve division and conflict. Uninformed or misinformed knuckleheads blind you. You seal yourself in your ideal little world surrounded by an army of lemmings passing “the message of the day” without…

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Why Are Harley-Davidson’s So Popular Among Police?

Or, more specifically: why are Harley-Davidsons so popular among American police forces given their limited performance? Background: I was asked this question on a community internet site recently and I thought I’d jump in and answer armed with answer direct from the source, or at least some of them (Police Officers). Funny, I’ve wondered that…