Earlier today, I saw a post by one of my neighbors. She posted the photo of a young man, age 8-11, well-groomed and wearing a tee-shirt and a baseball cap. Below the posted picture, she asked if anyone knew who he was. It turns out he dared to ring my neighbors’ doorbell. She said, “he left no solicitation” and indicated that she “no longer answers her door.” This prompted my thoughts about what has happened to our neighbors?

Whaaaaat! After a few moments, I had the following thought that I simply had to share.

So, When Did Kids Selling Door To Door Become Bad?

What in the world has happened to my neighbors? Wow. It’s not that long ago that we knocked on doors for Boyscout Service project to gather canned food for a Summer food drive, Sold popcorn or greeting cards, or calendars so we could take class trips to competitions or march in the Rose Parade on New Years Day. I used to throw newspapers on the lawns and doorsteps of your homes while you smiled and waived while watering the garden.

Hanging Out Bad Too?

After a hard afternoon, of tossing around the ball with my mates, we’d hang out under the streetlight, on the corner cul-de-sac until it was time to go eat and ready for school the next day. WTH has happened to us? When exactly did we lose that?

So Who Stole Our Sense Of Community and Comfort?

It’s pissing me off that everyone is scared of everyone else. Someone stole my neighbors’ sense of safety, and security, and friendly helping nature. Someone took it, and I, for one, want it back! WTH!

Fear and Paranoia Rampant

What a huge bummer that we get so worked up when someone who dresses different from us or doesn’t seem from around here shows up in the neighborhood. What a pathetic and pitiful way to live out our lives, prisoners in our own homes. We must fix this somehow, my neighbors. This fear and paranoia stuff sucks.

Our Kids and Grandkids Deserve Better

This fear and suspiciousness isn’t the world I want my kids and grandkids to inherit. I want them to inherit more than paranoia, and a default assumption that everyone is a crook or criminal out to get you or to do you harm. I think it starts with shutting off the darned evening news freaking everyone out with “if it bleeds, it leads” gore and suffering, then getting out and about and extending a hand to each other.

We’ve Overcome Worse Stuff

As Americans, it seems to me we’ve tackled way more significant problems than this, and make no mistake this is a problem. We have to fix this extreme and divisive mentality of looking at the world and each other.

The Good Guys Must Not Settle

More and more people, otherwise fun and delightful people, will live a miserable and paranoid existence, or worse, by doing something dumb to an innocent, well-intentioned “stranger.” Yes, there are some terrible people, but we can’t believe that they outnumber good caring neighbors, not even close.

I Even Miss The Curmudgeons

Man, I miss my neighbors, even the mean ones that kind of sucked to us kids sometimes. In fairness, we likely deserved to be scolded. But, looking back, I also miss them right about now.

Sorry, I just had to get this off my chest.

“Be excellent to each other” — Bill & Ted

What has happened to our neighbors?

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