Every last one of you suck. You wreck everything. Extremists function with closed-mindedness that does nothing but preserve division and conflict. Uninformed or misinformed knuckleheads blind you. You seal yourself in your ideal little world surrounded by an army of lemmings passing “the message of the day” without any consideration or filter for accuracy, truth, or ethics. You’ve lost the ability to listen and hear and process all reasonable points of view. You and yours are all righteous and good, and everyone else is wrong and bad. In the name of religion, politics, gender, song lyrics, animal rights, race, human rights, and even parenting, you only scream in my face unwilling to appreciate you can never win. Your extremist opposition is just as relentless as you. And for all caring and reasonable humans caught between you extremists and your extremist agendas, well, it sucks to see and hear you EVERYWHERE I turn. YOU ALL SUCK!!


The world would be a much better place if you would ease up. Ratchet down a couple of notches. Truly. On full tilt, you’re like an out of control human cancer.

An Extremists Holiday!

Here’s a suggestion for you extremists: Why not take some time off, an extremist holiday, and go forth and physically help someone. Yeah, in person. Give yourself freely sans any agenda whatsoever other than to help a fellow human in person, face to face, with no social media. No video, no FB or Twitter or cameras. No Pickett signs or banners. No opinionated t-shirts or hats. Just you incognito, quiet and humble, and someone who could use your help. They may not pay you anything but a smile and appreciation. What you do is on your time and your nickel. Fix a kids bike. Clean up a playground. Read some classic stories to children at the library. Volunteer and give of yourself in a meaningful way using your extremist energy, refocus it, please! Even for a day, spending time with some lonely seniors, or elders at the VA hospital would go towards making the world a better place. If you need any help finding someone to help, ask me. My list is long — the only caveat: no personal agenda other than the other person/people’s comfort and happiness and basic needs.

Off my chest. 

I realize this won’t change a thing. But, I certainly feel better getting this off my chest. I’m really sick of extremists. Please take all the vacation days you need.


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