So, is YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter manipulation real? In techie circles (read nerds) it’s widely known and understood that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automated human impersonators (Bots) are active every single minute of every single day on Social media. Some posts are part of a scam to extract dollars out of your bank account fraudulently. Others are bigger picture and designed to help orchestrate discord among a group of people. This last one is particularly sinister and scary and fascinating all at the same time. A divided society are much more easily conquered. It is that very thought which bothers me the most. It should bother all of us…a lot.

Here are a few very important videos recently published by Destin Sandlin of SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel. These are extremely well done for being such a large topic. This trio of videos on social media manipulation should be understood by all people, I mean really well understood in order to maintain a critical mind when these bad guys are trying to tilt you in a negative way towards your own neighbors. Enjoy.

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