Accessory Features such as storage and folding tailgates with AC power are new factory options on some modern pickups. While I like the idea of task-designed vehicles, methinks the size of each segment is too small. The surfer, fishing, Boy Scout leader, vehicle markets are too small compared with the older humans market. They need to target a HUGE market with features the actual market needs. I give you VEEA, a feature guaranteed to sell vehicles.

Focus On AARP With VEEA(TM) A Feature Guaranteed To Sell

For example, instead, automakers should glop onto AARP types who would much rather have Vehicle Entry and Exit Assist [VEEA (TM)] rather than parking assist. And they would rather have a GPS “take me to the nearest clean restroom NOW” option for longer road trips. 

Cater To The Huge Aging American Market!

How hard can it be to have a seat that swings out and extends upward when the door opens. The pivot and height are fully adjustable with four memories for multiple drivers. Best of all, you DONT need another mobile phone app to set it up. Just use the buttons. Or better yet, talk to it like it’s a person with a standard non-electronic key in the ignition. “just a smidge more” can be an actual voice command too.

We Learned To Park 50+ Years Ago – It’s Our Knees That Could Use An Assist!

We know how to parallel park. So, keep parking assist. However, I bet many would prefer a boost out of their vehicle. Oh, and being able to nap while driving across Nebraska is good between clean restroom stops. We’ll keep that feature on the menu, thank you.

Not Interesting? You’re Just Not Old Enough Yet

If the idea of this vehicle option VEEA (TM) doesn’t sound appealing to you, just wait…

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